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QMEP Blogs So You Can Party

My Friend is a Really Good DJ

by Jason Shires on 03/25/15

Every so often, I run across a client who says "I was going to hire my friend to DJ my wedding, he's really good but I didn't want them working at my wedding". 

I always think to myself...why not? And, what exactly are you saying? What are you trying to accomplish by saying that to the dj you've hired? Are you saying that you've "settled" for me? Do you know how good I am?

Do people know how offensive this is to a professional DJ? It seems like everybody and their mama knows a DJ! So I thought about it and here it goes...

First I have to say, I think the excuse of "not working" is a cop out. People have friends help them all the time at weddings. That's why there is such a thing as DIY.

Second, you want a good dj at your wedding and if you already know your friend is good, wouldn't you "WANT" him to dj your wedding.

Which leads me to believe it comes down to the money. People love getting the hook up. Why should a DJ be any different? Maybe some people just do not want to "pay a friend" to DJ their wedding. It's the whole mixing money and friendship thing. It can be really awkward.

Having a friend DJ your wedding opens up a lot of potential for mistakes and unprofessional behavior that simply would not happen otherwise. What if your friend is "too comfortable" and not taking it serious, especially if he's not getting paid adequately. He may feel disrespected or like he's really doing you a huge favor.

Here's my advice, if you truly respect your friend as a DJ and you really think he's that good...

You Should Pay Him To DJ Your Wedding!

If you approach it as a client and vendor relationship and treat it as such, there should be no issues, right?

I Missed The Cake Cutting!

by Jason Shires on 03/15/15

Most couples have attended a wedding and explain they didn't know the cake cutting happened and they missed it! It's now a concern for their own wedding. The solution is simple. The MC needs to let everyone know what is happening. Keeping your guests informed is vital.

QMEP DJs (Yes, our DJs are MCs) use what I like to call a "Teaser" followed by a "Directive" announcement.

Imagine the dance floor is packed, people are having a great time. We don't want to kill the music or the dance party but need to let your guests know about the cake cutting. While guests are still dancing, the MC announces "Ladies and gentlemen, you'll want to stick around, the cake cutting is coming up in about 10 minutes". This allows guests to keep dancing, know what's about to happen and it gives them a time frame if they need to run to the restroom or check out the photo booth.

When it's time to cut the cake the MC announces it again. "Ladies and Gentlemen it is Cake Cutting Time! We would like to invite Jeff and Kim over to cut their beautiful cake. Feel free to make your way over to get a closer look. You do not want to miss this, as they will be sharing their first piece of cake together as husband and wife". The announcement may even include the location of the cake. "Please make your way over to the far corner of the room and gather around Jeff & Kim as they will be cutting their beautiful cake". By the time the announcement is made and repeated, the photographer is in position and you've made your way over, your guests are there with their phone cameras ready to share the moment with you!

Most Important Photo Booth Tip

by Jason Shires on 03/10/15

There are many things to consider when choosing a photo booth, from the quality to the props. Here is the Most Important Photo Booth Tip to help make your booth a real hit at your wedding.

Have the photo booth set up near the dance floor! Planners make the mistake of placing the photo booth in a separate area. The DJ competes with the booth due to the separation. The photo booth will take guests away from the dance floor. But, if the DJ is killing it, you've wasted your money on the photo booth.

When the photo booth is located near the dance floor it keeps everyone together and creates more of a party. Guests will dance in line, easily go back and forth from the dance floor to the booth and props start making their way out to the dance floor!